Friday, May 29, 2009

MTC Mania

Well it's been quite a week. We have been on a dead run from 6:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. every day! Yes, I have been up and awake (sort of) and running. There are between 12 and 14 thousand stairs here that we climb every day (several times). My $100 shoes are already showing wear. Actually, they are doing great and I can run fast with them on.

We're having tons of fun interacting with all the young missionaries. We all greet each other in our new languages and then act like we know what the other is saying. Dad is in his glory and I am struggling to hang on. I haven't had to study so much in eons.

When we arrived we were informed that the luggage size and weight requirements had changed. Whoopee! Now we will have to redo everything and unload a bunch of stuff at Elaine's. I figure my scriptures are the heaviest thing I'm taking, so...

These pictures are of Elder and Sister Smith and Stacia Svedi (our tutor in Tagalog). It was great fun to finally meet her in person after all of our phone conversations.Dad says, "Akuna, Matata" and don't worry about anything.
We love and miss you already.
We're so excited about our new grandson.
Love, Mom and Dad

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Long... Farewell...

The time had finally come for Darrel and Verlynn to head to the MTC. They were due to report on Monday, May 25, 2009. Saturday morning they arrived at Ryan and Ginger's house and in true MacGyver fashion, Darrel loaded the car to the brim with luggage. Imagine packing for 18 months for two people all in 6 suitcases - under 50 lbs each. Well, they did it and ready or not... it was time to go! Passengers on the trip included Darrel, Verlynn, Ryan, Ginger, Miranda, Parker and Grandma Sanders. It was a full car, but no one seemed to mind. The first stop was in Cedar City where Ryan's parents, Nancie & Raynold, had a gourmet lunch ready for the weary travelers. It was just what we needed to make the long haul.

Saturday night was filled with a last minute shopping trip to pick up a couple forgotten items, dinner at Brick Oven (of course) and a late night viewing of Night at the Museum 2. Darrel and Verlynn just had to get one more "movie premiere in before leaving.

Sunday morning we attended Sacrament meeting with Elaine, Verlynn's sister, in Orem. Later that afternoon we gathered at Elaine's house so Verlynn and Darrel could be set apart.
Darrel and Verlynn's Stake President, Curtis Steadman, was in Orem for a baby blessing and was able to set them apart there

Verlynn's cousin, Verlynn Sheffield came over for this special occasion and it was the first time they had seen each other in many years.

Darrel and Verlynn were both given beautiful blessings and promises for themselves and their families as they fulfill their callings as Missionaries. It was a special time for everyone who came.

Monday morning the excitement was in the air as we again loaded the luggage onto the car and headed out for breakfast before heading to the MTC. Darrel and Verlynn were even practicing their Tagalog flashcards while waiting.

Finally, we couldn't put it off any longer.... it was time to head to the MTC
We drove through the portico and they handed us their room key and instructions to unload luggage and head back to the main building for their assignments.
And so we headed to Room 153 in building 2M - their home away from home for this week.
It has all the comforts of home- (except a TV)After unloading the luggage, we walked them back to say our goodbyes. Besides the main travelers, Adam and his wife Kilee joined us. After stopping for pictures, many hugs, kisses, and yes, a few tears....
in true Darrel & Verlynn fashion they said goodbye....

And so we say.... "So long, Farewell..... have a fabulous time in Manila!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farewell BBQ

Everyone came to say "Paalam" - Good Luck - at a Barbecue for Verlynn and Darrel.
We even had authentic Filipino food - it was delicious!
And a Feast fit for a KING - or at least a Missionary or two! It was a wonderful afternoon filled with Family & Friends
Rehearsing our song for Sacrament Meeting the next morning.
It was a fabulous turn out and just shows how loved and how much Darrel and Verlynn will be missed while they are away on their Mission!