Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farewell BBQ

Everyone came to say "Paalam" - Good Luck - at a Barbecue for Verlynn and Darrel.
We even had authentic Filipino food - it was delicious!
And a Feast fit for a KING - or at least a Missionary or two! It was a wonderful afternoon filled with Family & Friends
Rehearsing our song for Sacrament Meeting the next morning.
It was a fabulous turn out and just shows how loved and how much Darrel and Verlynn will be missed while they are away on their Mission!


Verlynn said...

I can't wait to keep up with the blog. Sounds like a terrific mission is about to begin. Oops, it's ours! I'm getting excited!

Merrivonne said...

It will really be awesome to be able to go on your mission with you (vicariously). I look forward to watching everything that happens. Enjoy the last few days before you go! Love you.

Natalie said...

It was a good time, good food and we love you.

heather said...

I am so sad that I had to miss the festivities. I know that mom and dad will be awesome missionaries. Ian is excited that lolo and lola are still going to be able to communicate. We love you both and will miss you!