Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A week and a half update..

                It’s been an interesting few days. We haven’t remembered to update things, old age probably setting in.  Nah, that couldn’t be!  We were in Cavite Zone and DasMarinias Zone last week to check Area Books.  We will be checking the Naic Zone’s next week.  So far all of the Zone’s we’ve visited are practicing their Mission song and doing well with it.  Last Wednesday evening we had FHE with three families here in Naic.  There were about 25 of us at the Gromell’s home.  During the lesson there was a game.  The three couples, Elder and Sister Smith, Bro. and Sis. Gromell,  Bro. and Sis. Grameca , had to take a test.  We were each asked to answer 4 questions about our spouses, favorite food, favorite place to be, favorite song and favorite flower.  Yes, you’re all correct, we lost!  We’ve decided that we must have too many favorite things.  By the way, Elder Smith’s favorite food is spaghetti, favorite flower is tulip, favorite song is “As I Have Loved You” and favorite place is Cedar Mountain.  The only one I got was spaghetti.  We may need to be married another 42 years so we can get to know one another.


                Saturday we were able to attend two of our Zone’s three baptisms.  There were 8 new members baptized. 

Sunday we were in Tanza Branch and got to teach the YSA class.  What a great group of young adults.  One of the men likes the Lakers so now I like him.  Another liked the Celtics but we didn’t hold that against him.  Basketball is so popular over here.  We’re convinced that most of the boys dream of growing 15 inches taller and playing in the NBA.  There are improvised courts and hoops everywhere and pick up games are the norm.  Sunday afternoon the Hussey’s stopped by and had lunch and a lovely visit.  They needed to pick up a few things for the apartments that we had stored for them.

                Monday was Zone FHE.  We told the Elders we would be eating Manila Mountains.  By Monday evening they were very curious. 
A couple of the U.S. Elders guessed from the ingredients when they saw them that we were having Hawaiian Haystacks.  What a fun meal.  Elder Smith explained the importance of the order in preparing the dish and then let them have at it.  We did have some mountains on the plates!  The consensus was “masarap”!  Several of the native Elders told us afterwards that they had never had some of the combinations before and loved it.  Golly, we thought everyone had celery, nuts, coconut and cheese with their rice and chicken.  Tuesday we left early for Manila. 
Took our car to the PBO for service and then went to the Temple for a session.  It was “going home” day for 2 Elders and 3 Sisters. 
We had dinner at the Mission Home and then a testimony meeting.  It was a lovely day and the traffic wasn’t too bad.  Got home late last night so slept in a bit this morning.  We’re heading back to Makati tomorrow for a Senior Couples adventure.  Details later on that.

This is what we had next to us while stopped at a light in DasMarinias

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Natalie said...

Now you're making me crave Hawaiian Haystacks. Guess I'll be needing to make them soon.

Love the sign on the bus, and once again a fun filled week for you two. Love you bunches.