Sunday, February 21, 2010


               Okay, so it’s boring being at home all the time!  Elder Smith was thoughtful enough to accept a case of viral herpes and now we’re paying for it.  He hasn’t shaved for a week so the sores can heal.  He has them in his mouth and on his right cheek and jaw.  We saw the doctor Monday morning and he has been on a ton of medication and is responding well.  In the meantime, we are grounded!  Oh well, we did clean a few cupboards and we’re way ahead in our Book of Mormon reading assignment.

                We had a fun FHE last week and then on the following Friday we had a work/service project here at the apartment.  The Elders worked hard and things outside are pretty spiffy now. 

While working one of the Elders found a baby boa constrictor.  No idea where Mama was!  Far away, we hope! 

After a hot dog lunch it was back to teaching.  We fixed a Mexican layered dip with Tostidos for lunch. 

It was a hit.  None of our natives had ever tried it and they were quite fascinated.  The Americans were elated.

                We finished up Area Book checks before the plague hit so the Zone’s we’re responsible for are up to date and looking good.  Next week is Mission Tour and so wanted everything in order before then.  Have a few supplies on order from SLC then they’re really going to be perfect.

                The fruit of the month is a Pomelo. We’re almost sure we’ve seen them in the States but never tried them before. 

They look like a large grapefruit.  The peel is quite thick and the white lining is bitter.  (Yes, I sampled it!) 

The sections are pinkish and are a lot like grapefruit except they’re quite bland tasting.  They have small white seeds which is a requirement for any fruit over here. 

There are seeds in nearly everything!  It didn’t make our “gotta have more” list but is better than some of the other things we’ve tried.

                For Valentine’s Day we fixed some Muddy Munch snacks from Chex cereal mix.  It turned out well and after packaging it and adding some heart shaped marshmallows we delivered them to our Elders.  They seemed tickled. 

They are all looking forward to the next FHE as we’ve warned them that it is going to be a St. Patrick’s Day affair.  Over the years we’ve had some fabulous St. Patty’s FHE’s so this one will be fun. 

                We’ll be back to the Doctor on the 22nd to get a clean bill of health for Elder Smith!  How’s that for confidence.  Then we can get back to visiting folks and going to Church and all that good stuff.
Picture from last weeks Zone Interviews
With Elder Whitman and Elder Cowen ** two of our Naic alumni

***Update 2/21***
Brother Smith is doing well and we're very optimistic that the Dr. will release him from his quarantine. 


Merrivonne said...

Glad to hear you are doing better. Those "guys" miss you when you are not out with them. You are doing a great work. I'm sure you feel a lot of satisfaction from the joy that you give to the missionaries and the people with whom you work. Keep up the Great Work! Love ya.

Naomi said...

Good grief! That sounds horrible. I hope Elder Smith feels better soon. So far I am not really feeling the need to visit the Phillippines . . . I think by proxy is just fine for me.

crooksville said...

Thanks for updating! Susie and I really look forward to reading about your exciting Mission. Even the "boring" parts are a blessing to us.

Today I started to complain about this latest cold I've contracted. Then I remembered Darrel's suffering, and I no longer felt any need to say anything; just enjoy all the blessings we really do have.

Keep up the good words and works. We'll be anxiously awaiting your next update, especially any Irishness you're planning!

Beehive Properties said...

I served in Naic from July-Dec of 1994. We once had some investigators tell us they had caught a snake. We went to check it out and it turned out to be a 10 foot boa constrictor. They had it in a burlap sack. That thing belonged in a zoo. They told us they were taking it to Manila to sell it to a restaurant. Naic is a great spot.