Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Attack!!

It has actually been pleasant weather this week.  It is still in the high 90’s each day but has been cooling down a bit more in the evenings.  It’s a very nice break.  We haven’t needed to run the aircon very much.   

Monday we had a terrific FHE with the Naic and DasMarinias Zones.  We roasted hot dogs over the coals in our front yard and had the trimmings with them.   

Elder Smith made some great hot dog roasting sticks and they worked like a charm.  After the masses were gone we used up the last of the coal’s heat making s’mores.  They were wonderful.  A bunch of kids from the neighborhood came by and all had some.  It was fun to see their expressions as it was a new taste treat for them.

We have been blessed to see numerous missionaries leave from the Naic District to become full-time missionaries.  Friday we were there as Elder Nephi was set apart.   

He had helped in the Zone whenever we had need of a companion or for splits.  He is an outstanding young man and will be a great addition to the Bagio Mission.  About 75% of the missionaries in the 17 Philippines Missions are natives.  Many of them are recent converts.  We have enjoyed watching future Bishops, Stake Presidents and General Authorities go through the Zone.  They will truly be the leadership of the Church here. 

We had 4 baptisms in the Zone yesterday.  We were touched as we watched a recent convert (about 1 month) baptize his wife last night.  Two of their grandchildren were also baptized.  It’s is exciting to watch families join in the Gospel.

Sunday lunch with the AP's, ZL's and Sisters

Yes! There was an attack this past week. Sweet, gentle, kindly Sister Smith was upstairs on the computer when she noticed a bunch of little black beetle-type bugs climbing around near her. A quick check of the area revealed the horror! A huge swarm of the critters had somehow got in the apartment and they were everywhere! Literally there were thousands! Grabbing a can of bug spray she began to go crazy! Once the air had cleared, there were little corpses all over the place. We’re still finding and sweeping them up. They had wings and kept dive bombing during the extermination. It was not the most spiritual experience of our mission but some things just have to be taken care of. Our Tuko can only eat so much and the rats don’t seem to like bugs so it’s up to us.


Merrivonne said...

I'm glad you ere prepared for any kind of bug attak. :D

Merrivonne said...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.