Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wow! What a Ride!

Yes, we are home and loving the cool weather!  It was so good to see our family and get tons of hugs and kisses.  We miss our "kids" and friends in the Philippines more than we imagined.  We've been so blessed by our Mission experience and we're very thankful to everyone who made it possible.  Thank you all!  Elder..'oops, I mean Darrel wants us to continue the blog for a while so check for updates.  We've already heard from many of our missionaries and members and love the contacts.  Here are our last few days in the Philippines in pictures!  Our best wishes for a wonderful New Year and we hope 2011 will bring great joy and blessings into your life!

Last FHE with our Zone at the Manila Temple enjoying the lights and spirit.

E. Langer, E. Richwine and David Tadeo (our first ZL)

  Good bye to Elder Richwine.  He has been in Naic Zone on two occasions and has served with us longer than any other individual.
Saying Goodbye to Sister Jeane Arandia.  Our tutor, tour guide, friend and one of the nicest and sweetest people we've ever met. 

The last dinner with our "Senior" friends.  Howards, Petersons, Morgans, Smiths and Swensons 
 The Morgan's had a Fred cake made for our last evening at the Mission Home.  The Office Elders, TA's and AP's joined the Senior Couples for dessert and paalam.  They were upset as the cake tipped and slid during the ride to Makati.  We thought it was beautiful (and delicious) anyway!
   Arriving home. Met by our loved ones in Las Vegas!

President Curtis Steadman releasing us.  We are in our living room with lots of family watching.  Wow!  What a ride we had! 

Our daughter had our tickets for The Forgotten Carols on Dec. 21st.  Was great to see the show and Michael McLean again. 


crooksville said...

WOW! We sure were hoping you'd continue this miraculous blog! What would King Benjamin have thought?!

Speaking of such a long time, did the "5,000 Year Leap" catch up to you by now? Let us know
(928) 830-6863

You're homecoming was both a spiritual and just plain loving family event. Thanks for inviting us! We love you and will, as is habit, continue to follow your blog!

Monte and Susie

alix_scott said...


So I typed in my boyfriend's mission home address randomly on google and then I found your blog.

So being desperate for more pictures of him I searched and searched every picture from all your posts during the time he has been out.

I found 13!

Do remember an Elder Eric Curwen from the Naic zone?

Yup, I'm his girlfriend alright!

Alix Scott