Sunday, August 9, 2009

Avocado dessert, anyone?

After Church today we were invited to the Ternate Branch President’s home for lunch. The Ramos fixed a lovely Filipino spread for us and the full-time Elders assigned to their branch. We had two different beef dishes with lots of rice. They were both delicious and I’ll probably try to make both of them soon for us. Our dessert was very unusual (to us). The avocados here are amazing. They are big, beautiful, full of flavor and very sweet. Sister Ramos had peeled and sliced some into bite sized pieces. We took a spoonful (or two) and poured sweetened condensed milk over them. You let them soak a bit and viola, you have dessert. They were really good.

Was a bit of a slow week. Our Ternate Elders were ill and so we didn’t get our usual visiting done. We did have choir practice and went with the Punta Elders on several visits. This coming week is transfer time so everyone is anticipating possible changes. Tuesday we made 10 silk flower arrangements. 8 for the Mission Home and 2 for the apartment here in Naic. Was kinda fun to do something familiar. They turned out well and am pleased with them.

Thursday we were invited to a 22nd birthday party for a sister in the Ternate Branch. We were the guests of honor and they had fixed a wonderful meal for us and she, Sister BekBek (Rebecca), seemed thrilled we were there.

Sister Bekbek and family

Last night (Saturday) was a branch fireside in Ternate. The full time Elders had planned it and it was fun. They geared everything towards being a good Sacrament Meeting speaker. They outlined the correct way to do things including prayer, study, review, and so on. Then, shy, quiet, Sister Smith got up and showed everyone how NOT to give a talk. Nearly broke my jaw on the huge wad of chewing gum in my mouth. Was very well received with lots of laughter and head shaking. They especially liked it when I pretended to receive a text message part way through. Then, Elder Smith got up and gave the same talk but this time correctly. It was spiritual and uplifting. Then the President spoke for a minute and the Elders wrapped things up with a list of 10 Commandments for Speakers. The Relief Society president had asked me to speak at their Branch Visiting Teaching Convention shortly before the fireside started. Afterward I asked her if she was sure she still wanted me to speak. She said she’d take a chance but please leave the gum at home. So, next Saturday I’ll be the featured speaker at the VT deal.

Well, that’s pretty much it. We have a totally crazy week coming up so a short post this week will be a good idea. The typhoons that have hit the Philippines and Taiwan this past week were north of us so we’ve just had some winds and rain but not the terrible flooding and wind damage. Former President Aquino’s funeral was quite a spectacle this past week. She was very much loved and revered here.

Another fruit of the month. Just came into season. Atis (native apple) Looks like a dwarf artichoke. Inside are little white sections with a black seed in every one. They taste a bit like a cross between an apple and a banana.


Natalie said...

Ok, totally bizarre once again. Ther Atis kinda looks like a rolled up turtle shell. The inners look funky too. You're definately braver then I am.

Lova ya, and good luck with you talk at the VT thing. You'll do great mom!

Merrivonne said...

It looks and sounds like you are taking everything in stride. I hope you are having the time of your lives. You could get used to doing this stuff, huh? I just became a friend on facebook of a sister that I knew in Snowflake. They're on their third mission!! Their first was in Mozambique 10 years ago, at the Jeruselum Center in 2004 and now they're in Bankok, Thailand.
It is so fun to hear how you are doing and to see the interesting foods you are learning about.
It's so great that you can still stay close to your family in the states by skype and online.
Thanks for sharing. Keep up the GOOD work. You are changing lives wherever you go. Love ya lots.

Merrivonne said...

I almost forgot!! Have a wonderful birthday this week, Darrel. Love ya bunches.