Monday, August 3, 2009

Howdy Jolina!

Tropical storm Jolina has been visiting us this week. We’ve had a ton of rain since Thursday morning. I love it because it’s cooler but I’m sure others are suffering so I’m not over-doing the joy. Haven’t heard of any flooding so far or any serious problems because of the weather. The rice paddies are all full of water and the roads are very wet and filled with puddles. We keep thinking we might need to throw an emergency raft in the trunk.

It was a fun week. Monday we started Tagalog tutoring sessions. Sister Jean is a peach and is going to try to pound some new words into these old brains.

Tuesday we had choir practice with the Elders then went with some of them to check out their area.

Wednesday we went to Manila with the Husseys. We went to the PBO, garment center, MTC, CTR Corner and then to the temple. They are all located in the same area so just walked from place to place. CTR Corner is a fun gift store that has a section dedicated to LDS goods. We got several CD’s to listen to in the car and at home. Yes, we got a couple of Michael’s CD’s (McLean). Has been really nice to have them when we’re traveling. We went to a 3:00 pm temple session with the other senior couples and the Elders and Sisters who are going home later this month. After the session we went to the Mission Home for a BBQ dinner. We’re not so sure about the hot dogs over here! (Enough said!) We ate on the patio and the mosquitoes had a feast (on me) also. The Missionaries are so awesome and was fun to socialize with the “going-home” group.

Thursday was our Ternate Elder’s day. We visited 6 families and had a great time. It was rainy but we stomped through the mud and made bets on how often I would fall down. Several of the people we visited came to Church today so it was well worth the effort.

Friday we were tutored again then went to the SM in DasMarines. Had to buy a bunch of floral supplies while we were there. When we were at the Mission Home on Wednesday, Sister Howard asked me to make a bunch of silk arrangements. I did one for her a couple of weeks ago and she seemed to like it. We came home with the makings of 8 additional ones. Will be fun this next week to work on them.

Saturday we went on Elder rescue. The rain had a couple of them stranded so we took them home. On the way we stopped to let some other Elders know that we would be late meeting with them because of the change. In the end we all six went to lunch and then called off the tracting due to rain. Saturday evening we went to a baptism in Carissa. We ended up speaking and leading the music. Not sure how many were baptized in the District last night. There were 2 in Carissa and several in Naic. The Zone Leaders will be here in a while for dinner so will get all the latest news. It’s awesome living next door to the ZL’s.

We went to Church this morning in Ternate. After that meeting we went to Trece Matires and visited with several there. We’re trying to find out about the members in a nearby town. There are about 200 members there who aren’t active because they can’t afford the trip to the nearest chapel. Right now we’re concentrating on activation and solving the problem there. After that meeting, we went to PEC in Ternate. It was a 90 minute meeting in Tagalog. We really need to learn the language!

Elder Smith is into snails this week. He has spotted several whoppers! We’re thinking about sending them home so Lori can put them in her garden. You can ask her about that one! He is outside right now trying to get a picture of some. Yes, it is dark and rainy, but he’s out there anyway.


Merrivonne said...

Escargot anyone? I'm glad to hear you get a respit from the heat every once in a while. We've been having the high humidity and high heat without rain. 112 is too hot!
It's great to hear that you are influencing so many for good. Hang in there with the tagalog. You'll get it. Love you.

Natalie said...

Ok, I'd be a little creeped out by snails that big! Love you both, and wonderful how much work is being done.

Lori and Tracy said...

you can leave all of the creepy crawling things right where they are! Thank you! the miniscule snails did enough damage.