Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is so nice to be free to leave the apartment and go into public again. Elder Smith is better and we are very thankful. He still has a few red spots on his cheek but they are fading quickly. The temperature at the desk right now is 88.3 degrees and will get a bit warmer in an hour or so. It is officially summer time in the Philippines. The humidity is only at 79% today (we’re in a draught) but there is a chance of rain during the next 3 days. Our aircon simply doesn’t work very well so the temperature in the room rarely gets below 83 even with it running at full blast. Since the electric bill is so high, we usually don’t run it except at night. Just think, we only have another 8 ½ months of this weather! We didn’t think we’d ever live somewhere hotter than Vegas.

We were able to go to the Mission Home on Tuesday for a going-home dinner and testimony meeting for this months’ departing missionaries. 4 Elders and 2 Sisters are leaving for home and it was so good to hear their testimonies and share this exciting time with them. After the evenings’ activities, the 4 Elders, 1 Sister and Sister Smith had a cut throat game of Winnie the Pooh Uno! This is hard to believe but Sister Smith lost! Two of the Elders are Naic Zone alumni so was super fun to just relax and goof off with them before they left for America the next morning.

Farewell to Elder Brewer Wednesday morning we went to Transfer Meeting to say paalam to our departing Naic Sons and to greet the five new-comers. We so enjoyed the testimonies from the AP’s, training AP’s and the new TA’s. We are constantly impressed with the strength and testimony of the missionaries. Then, it was back to the Mission Home to wait for the arriving missionaries from the Provo MTC. What an amazing new group! Ten Elders and three Sisters including Sister Jill Hales from our Stake! We were so pleased to see and hug her and welcome her to the Manila Mission. She will be assigned in Palawan which is the lovely island part of the Mission.

Monday night we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our Zone. They were assured that on St. Patrick’s Day, “everyone is Irish”. We learned a bit about the history and culture and lore of Ireland and then had a hunt for leprechaun treasure. Lots of fun and lots of green food!

the 1st team to get their treasure

Wearin' of the green! Elder Heranez, Elder Valesco and Elder Smith

We’re afraid that our native Elders are going to think that all Americans are as crazy as we are. Actually at the FHE there were 2 from Britain, 2 from Australia, 1 from Singapore, 1 from Canada, 3 from the US and the rest from the Philippines. We’re pretty sure that they all think we’re crazy. But, we’re lots of fun! Our FHE’s have become known throughout the Mission and we constantly bombarded with requests to be invited. Many of them are spiritual feasts which in our opinion makes them even more special.

This month’s fruit is the Mango.Yes, they are in America but certainly not as fresh as here. Nearly every restaurant has a mango shake or slush of some sort on the menu. Green or yellow or orange, they’re all good. It is one of the most popular native fruits and is available everywhere, year round.
1. Kubo with living quarters. These are made of bamboo and are everywhere.
2. Right- small kubo (5X6') cost about $220.00 U.S. Left-larger kubo (5X8') cost about $260.00 U.S.
Elder Smith is crazy about these and wants to ship one home. He was looking at some the other day and the salesman/manufacturer said the price includes delivery. Elder Smith said, "to Las Vegas?" The guy back pedaled pretty fast!


Ginger said...

I just love St. Patricks FHE with you guys! I'm sure the Missionaries love all the fun activities you come up with... especially Dad's Treasure hunts!!! Love you guys!

Merrivonne said...

I miss fun family home evenings. We're all party poopers at my house. I'll never forget the FHE in Las Vegas when dad told us to tell him everything we didn't like about him.....He asked for it and got it!!!!I don't remember ever having FHE after that. We may have...I just don't remember any LOL. Keep up the great work, you two. Love ya bunches!!