Monday, March 29, 2010

Party On!!

We are finished with the party scene for at least a few days. Monday night was a fabulous FHE with our Zone and the District Choir. Yes, they showed up and we had a great evening. Actually, quite a few of the choir members couldn’t make it so we only had about 35 here for dinner.
Some of the District Choir members

We fixed a monster pot of Pancit and some Sloppy Joes. Everyone ate lots so it must have tasted pretty good. After dinner the Elders presented a lesson and then we played games. Our apartment isn’t huge but we all managed to fit and participate. It was hot as the dickens but that’s the norm here so guess we shouldn’t complain.We really enjoyed the interaction between the choir members and the Elders. Our AP’s drove out from Manila for the evening which was extra special.

Elder Vaka and Elder Ngluafe (AP's) entertaining usThey are Naic alumni and we miss them.

Sister Smith managed to get a sinus infection and snorked and sniffled the rest of the week but there was much to do so we kept on. Tuesday the Elders all came over after District meeting and had leftovers for lunch.

In the Philippines it is customary to remove your shoes before entering a bahay (home). Usually when the Elders come the shoes are all over the front area and a big mess. Elder Mahe (ZL) cleaned up the area and arranged the shoes to surprise everyone. What a difference!

Ice Cream (the Zone favorite) for dessertWe had a Zone Choir rehearsal and finished polishing our number for Zone Conference.

Wednesday we left for Makati and took care of some things then went to dinner that evening at Chili’s. Oh yes, we love it! Chips and salsa, yum! The Howard and the Taggs joined us and it was a lovely evening. We stayed at the Mission Home that night then went to conference early the next morning. Our choir sounded good and we were very proud of them. We did “More Holiness Give Me”. We’ve come a long way in the past few months and sing multiple parts and everything now.

Saturday was a treat! The District Relief Society had road shows in honor of the RS Anniversary. Each branch was assigned a parable to present. They were very creative and clever.

Tanza Branch dancing to "Under the Sea" during their roadshow.Times like that make us wish we had a video camera but like most productions it really is better when it’s live. Sister Hussey and Sister Smith enjoyed the show while the Elders did some apartment maintenance and then came back to pick us up. The event was scheduled to begin at 3:00 but was 40 minutes late starting. When we left at 6:15 or so the road shows had just finished and they were having some Filipino spaghetti for dinner.

We were late today getting home from Church as we had a meeting to plan a fireside for next Sunday. One of the branches will be having a fireside to try to get the members excited about missionary work and reactivation efforts. We have two dynamic Elders assigned there and we’re sure they will do an excellent job. We are sort of the cheering section and background advisors.

Hope everyone has a super Easter holiday and we’re a bit jealous you all get to watch conference before we do. Our broadcast will be the following weekend for the stakes and branches here.


Natalie said...

Horray for RoadShows!! glad you are having so much fun you party animals you!!

Merrivonne said...

What better way to serve your mission than to celebrate! It brings joy to all who participate!
No one will ever forget brother and sister Smith for they will have given and shared joy. May the spirit of the Lord continue to bless you and give you JOY! Love you bunches.

Naomi said...

That all sounds like so much fun! I think your attitude and energy are amazing. I need some of that here:)