Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did I mention RATS!!

Monday we enjoyed FHE with our Zone. We always appreciate the time we spend with the Elders and they are so amazing. It was transfer week so we went to Makati on Tuesday. We took the car to the PBO and they fixed the bumper owie while we went across the street to the Temple. It was a full session with the Senior Couples, 12 going home missionaries and a few extras thrown in. That evening was dinner and testimony meeting at the Mission Home. Two of our Naic alumni went home. Elder Vaka and Elder Arrelano will both be missed. They were hard working and dedicated missionaries and a pleasure to serve with. Wednesday and Thursday were spent getting stuff ready for our special dental project. On Saturday we attended the District Kiddie Conference and did a workshop on dental care. It was great fun and the kids were pretty dang good even if the topic was a bit boring. Dental hygiene is a real issue here. Many children exhibit early signs of decay and tooth loss. We taught about proper tooth brushing technique (with the help of 3 lovely Laurels from Tanza Branch) and pretended to brush our teeth and played some games. We were near the end of the conference so as the children were leaving we gave each one a bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, instruction sheet, tooth brushing record chart, coloring pages and crayons inside. They were all excited about them and we’re hoping it will encourage some of them. We handed out 230 bags. Aunt Faith and Uncle Devon sent some money to help pay for the supplies and we surely appreciated it.

Friday night we went to the Tanza branch for a FHE. There was lots of fun with entertainment from the Primary and YM/YW and games for everyone. Elder and Sister taught the song “Horsy, Horsy” and then danced a jitter bug. Yes, we were a hit. Isn’t that what it means when everyone is laughing and applauding?

We were blessed to attend baptisms for 6 new members this weekend. It is such a pleasure to hear the testimonies of those new converts. We look forward to those moments. It was especially nice to see several of our alumni who came back for the baptisms. With transfers this week we lost 5 and gained 5 but the departing Elders will have a special spot in our hearts even as we learn to love the new ones.

Yes, we did mention rats! For some unknown reason they’ve decided once again to visit our back room. We’ve been on search and destroy missions and have terminated 2 so far. Not certain why there has been an influx but be assured, it won’t last long!

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Naomi said...

Okayyyyy I was with the whole mission thing right up until that last paragraph. Yikes. Everything else sounds so wonderful! But rats? No way,jose.