Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Showering with Frogs

It’s hot!  The natives are even complaining about the heat!  Sister Smith thinks heat is a four letter word, not the good kind.  Elder Smith does great and even takes his afternoon nap with the temperature in the bedroom at 95 degrees and higher.  Our aircon isn’t very efficient and only cools a bit and costs a blooming fortune to run so, we just complain lots and sweat! 

                We were invited to the Cavite Zone for a Family Home Evening on the 12th.  It was so fun.  There are 24 Elders and Sisters in the Zone and they had also invited the Hussey’s and Thomas’s and investigators and recent converts. 

With 50 of us in attendance it was a real treat.  Elder Smith was the concluding speaker and did a nice (short) talk. 

Sister Betts and Sister Garcia with some investigators

Elder Richwine (Naic alumni) and Elder Hubert

Tuesday we had choir and then spent the afternoon visiting less actives here in Naic.  Wednesday we picked up and then delivered a stack of chairs to the Hussey’s for some apartments. 

Thursday we spent on-the-road looking at possible apartments for the Maragondon Elders.  We also contacted their landlady about some of the problems in the current place.  Friday we met with her and ironed out things and repair work will be starting on Monday.  The four Elders will be moving into the ZL apartment next door until the repairs are completed. 

Saturday we met the Hussey’s at the Maragondon apartment to review all the things that were happening and then came to our place to pick up a sofa.  We then followed them to Cavite City and unloaded it into an apartment there.  It is so strange here because it isn’t that far in miles from place to place but it takes forever to get anywhere.  We were traveling for 5 or more hours and it is about 20 miles each way.  At least it is cool in the car so we don’t whine too much.  Didn’t do much missionary work this week but helping the Hussey’s and the Elder’s with the apartment situations is part of the job also.

Elder Adamson and Elder Ramos our Mission TA's.  They came for dinner and a visit after training here in Naic Zone

"Tim Tam Slam"  Tim Tam is a cookie made in Australia.  Elder Mahe got some and was nice enough to share.  When Sister Jeane saw them she was so excited.  In her mission (Hong Kong) they had a tradition with Tim Tam's.  You make hot chocolate and then use the cookies as a straw.  They are chocolate covered wafers with caramel inside.  Really yummy!  The cocoa melts it as you suck and it is a real treat
Mexican Fiesta FHE  The taco casserole is sooo good.  Will be putting the recipe on the

It will be a very busy week ahead with stuff packing nearly every day. Oh yes, the frog!  Last night Sister Smith hopped into the shower and there was a frog sitting in the corner.  His eyes were really bugging out which is understandable.  Someone that big and naked would scare anyone.  Elder Smith came to the rescue and escorted him outside.  It’s not even the rainy season yet so this is not a good omen. 
Yes, we still have our Tuko.  He serenades us all the time.


Naomi said...

All the work sounds so good and fun. I just cannot believe you are living with frogs and lizards! I am not sure I could get used to that.

crooksville said...

Hey! They make great visitors, or even pets. Unless they get so numerous, as they did one rainy evening in D.C., that you can't avoid stepping on them!

These were spring peepers. Even one can be mighty loud, but with thousands out that evening, it was no use to try to talk, or think (about stepping on them that is).