Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pizza Yet Again!!

Yes, that’s right our Zone was on top for another month in the baptism department. After District Meeting Pres Howard furnished pizza for everyone. We are so proud of all the hard work our Elders and Sisters do and so thrilled with all the new members who are “coming to Christ”. We are on line to be on the top again for this month which would really be amazing. We’ve been the pizza recipients for 7 of the past 12 months.
FHE last Monday was awesome as usual. We had a traditional Philippine dish called Beef Kaldereta (Sister Smith style). We always warn the Zone that we put our own twist on things just in case it doesn’t taste quite like a Filippina nanay would make it. Elder Smith swears he is going to take our favorite wok home with him. It’s hard to say what customs will think but he refuses to consider parting with it. He does the majority of the sautéing over the open gas flame since Sister Smith is a sissy and sweats into the food! Gross! We were able to visit several families with the Missionaries this week. Some were investigators and others were less active. Everyone is so polite and welcoming. We really love to go to the homes and share the spirit with them. We had 7 baptisms on Saturday but were only able to attend one in Trece.
Times and distances were not compatible.
Sunday evening was a treat. The ZL’s and Sister’s had a training meeting for the Naic Branch Presidency, Mission Leader, EQ pres., RS pres. and so on. Everyone came with their spouses for dinner and the meeting here at our apartment. We enjoyed having them here and the lessons from the missionaries were terrific. Dinner was chicken in gravy (cream of chicken soup, evaporated milk, onions, garlic, salt and pepper) served over rice. We also steamed a bunch of cabbage (a huge favorite here) and some mixed veggies with cheese. For dessert we had brownies (made in the crock pot) and ice cream. Two of the sisters asked how we made the cabbage so good. Our super technical answer was “we steamed it”.


Natalie said...

How awesome for your zone. I love how the work is moving forward, and you are being blessed.

janellybelle said...

Hi! I am Elder Colby Bingham's mom. Thanks so much for putting this blog together. It is really fun to look at it and learn more about what it's like there and how the work is progressing. Thanks for all you do for Elder Bingham! We appreciate it! Love, Janell Bingham