Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting ready for Sisters!

The focus this week has been getting the apartment next door ready for the Sister missionaries who will be here on the 2nd.  Our Zone will be growing to 16 members and so far everyone is thrilled about the additions. 

Monday the Elders were here at 7:00 a.m. and cleaned the apartment. 

They did a good job as there was 9 months of dust, dirt, dead critters, webs and crud to clean. 

(fixing pancakes for the crew)

Elder and Sister Hussey came a couple of times with supplies for the apt.  We think it will be very comfortable for the Sisters and we’re expecting great things from them. 

Monday evening was Zone FHE.  Elder Mahe (going home) had requested Chinese food.  So…  we had broccoli beef and sweet and sour chicken. 

We hadn’t realized that coming to the Philippines would make us multi-cultural cooks but it has.  The meal was wonderful!  We’ll try to post it on the blog (if I can remember and figure the measurements).

Thursday the Tanza Branch had an activity.  The Pesa family lives in a subdivision that has access to a clubhouse and pool. 

The party was there and was really nice.  Everyone had a great time and the kids were like kids everywhere and couldn’t get enough swimming.  There was enough food to feed a small army and all very delicious. The RS president, Sister Gorresetta fixed a raisin pudding from a recipe from a friend in Orem, UT.  It was really good and did taste like home. 

This evening we had a lovely roast beef dinner for our ZL’s, AP’s, TA’s and some Naic branch missionaries. It was a farewell for Elder Mahe and was the first time we’ve made “real” mashed potatoes here. They tasted so dang good!  It’s a pain to have the gas stove going and water boiling in this heat but it was worth it and we’ll do it again soon.
"Slug-brella" leading the Catholic women's parade Sunday morning.  The "slug-brella" is a fixture over here.  We have seen at least a thousand of that particular umbrella since we arrived here.  It is an Avon product and they are everywhere.  We had been "slug-bug" calling one day riding to Manila and switched to calling "slug-brella" since there are so many!


Candice said...

Well thanks to everyone for getting that apt cleaned up, as my little sister (Betts) is now occupying it - that was very nice and she's so excited to be there :)
By the way, I love blogs - and yours has a very nice layout! All the best to your zone in your worthy efforts!

Natalie said...

Too fun! Glad everything came together for the sisters.