Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elder Cook Week

What a terrific experience this week has been! We started with a fun FHE on Monday evening then District Meeting and Zone Choir practice on Tuesday. Wednesday we went to Makati for a Manila Mission Fireside with Elder Quentin L. Cook. It was truly amazing. He was supposed to arrive at 2:45 in the afternoon to meet and greet the missionaries. We were fortunately all seated and enjoying personal study time when he came at 2:20!

Elder and Sister Edwards were with the Cooks and Pres. and Sister Howard also participated. Everyone presented such special messages and it really was a spiritual feast. Elder Cook “prophesized” that the Philippines would be a beacon to Asia and would lead the way in converting the non-Christian nations here. He also said that we could not imagine the things and growth that will be happening here in the next 50 years. It will be 50 years next April since the Philippines was dedicated and opened by Pres. Hinckley. We’ve grown from 1 member to well over 600,000 in that time. Elder Cook said the future growth will be unimaginable. Exciting!

Thursday we were home in Naic and then went back to Makati for Mission Presidency Meeting on Friday night. Saturday morning the brethren all went to the Buendia Chapel again, this time it was a Priesthood Leadership meeting for all units in the Manila Mission and one other Philippine Mission. Elder Smith came back very excited about the things that were discussed there. Once again, Elder Cook was presiding. We got back in time Saturday evening to attend a baptism in Ternate and visit with friends there.

We attended Punta Branch and then went to Tanza Branch for a while this morning. Now, it’s back to Makati this afternoon to spend the next four days. We will be checking Area Books at Zone Conferences this week. This will be our last check before we leave so want to make sure things are in good order.

Additional fruit of the month for everyone’s enjoyment! This cute little thing is Rattan.

Yes, it does look like a miniature pinecone. It peals very easily and has a large pit inside with a brown juicy meaty part. It is very tart and citrusy tasting. We still have several fruits to feature so there will probably be two next month also.

Family Home Evening More FHE - we made a monster pot of Pancit and it was delicious
Some of the gorgeous trees in DasMarinas Village in Makati (area where the Mission Home is located) Nearly sunset looking across rice fields near Naic

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