Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Loved General Conference!

We spent the weekend at the Mission Home in Makati with the other Senior Couples and enjoyed watching General Conference.  There was great company, great food, great messages, what more could a missionary ask for?  We were able to see the four sessions, Priesthood session and the RS session.  We also enjoyed the World Report and Music and the Spoken Word.  Lots of sitting but we all managed. 

This week is going to be extra special as we have a Mission Training Meeting on Wednesday with Elder Quentin Cook.  Everyone is really looking forward to this special experience.  Last week was transfer week and we have five new members of the Naic, Zone.  They are all truly amazing.  Three of them are greenies, one from Provo MTC and two from the Manila MTC.  Elder Bills is a kiwi (New Zealander) and this is his third transfer.  Elder Langer has joined Elder Richwine as ZL.  We’re excited to get acquainted.

Last week was “going home” time for 19 of our missionaries. 
We had a wonderful, full, temple session and then a testimony meeting at the Mission Home.  These meetings get harder every transfer as we know more and more of the missionaries and miss them when they leave.
"Going Home" group at Krispy Kreme  (Oh yes, we have them here)
Pres. Howard was organizing group pics and after our group one was taken, he said, "OK, everyone who has eaten at the Smith's get in for a picture!"  The only ones left in the room where four parents who were there picking up their sons!  So, Brother and Sister Cowan and Brother and Sister Graham took the picture with 30 or so different cameras.

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