Monday, September 28, 2009

Ketsana Update

The death count is at 140 now with thousands displaced. Worst flooding in 40 years. All missionaries here are accounted for and safe. Some apartments were flooded but no injuries. I'm sure they will be involved with clean up etc. eventually. No word on any damage to the temple so going to assume that;s a good sign. This is a strong people and I'm certain the Lord will bless them in this trial. There is still danger of more rain so we are all aware and watching things closely. We are blessed with a strong, secure apartment.


Natalie said...

love you both, and so thankful you guys are safe. keep up posted as much as you can.

dmmuaina said...

Hey you two! Our computer was down for quite a while so I just got back on to follow your journey again. I love to read your entries. You are so great and what an example to us all. I hope Dennis and I can go someday. Might be sooner than later if he doesn't get some work. We found out that Jill Hales (Robin's daughter) is coming to your mission. I think she leaves here in December. So be on the look out for her. Have a great week.