Sunday, September 27, 2009


It’s been a slow “news” week for us but not for the Philippines. We’ve been hit by tropical storm Ketsana for the past few days. Amazing amounts of rain have fallen. There are 51 confirmed dead and another 21 missing in the Manila area. Our area hasn’t been hit as hard but we did have 8 families in one branch flooded out. It is still raining off and on today but is slowing. We will be going to Manila on Wednesday and according to news reports the roads are mostly all open now so should be fine by then. The weather has certainly curtailed our activities for the most part.

Monday we went to a home for the aged with the Naic branch. I can’t believe we forgot to take our camera! What a fun afternoon. There were about 60 residents and about 40 members of the branch. Everyone had a great time. The branch members sang songs and danced to entertain. Then, low and behold, they said that the couple missionaries would sing for everyone. Duh! So, we did an impromptu dialog and songs. Everyone is singing Christmas songs here so we taught them “Christmas is Coming” and then sang in rounds. Then we sang “Winter Wonderland”. Not too bad for a couple of unprepared old fogies.

Tuesday we went to Manila and attended the temple. We went through a session with the “going home” missionaries including the three from our zone. It was pure heaven to be wearing my very own temple dress! After the session we went to the Mission Home for dinner and then a testimony meeting with the missionaries. We’re already missing our three and wish them the best of luck.
Our going home elders, Elder Bowman, Elder Tadao Elder Barton along with President Howard, Elder and Sister Hussey, Elder and Sister Smith.
Our new Zone leaders are here. Elder Vaka is from Tonga and Elder Ngaluafe is from New Zealand. Really terrific missionaries! We’re looking forward to working with them. Haven’t met all the other new transferees yet but will be doing so on Tuesday at Zone meeting.

I’ve had a case of the creeping crud so between that and the rain have been inside (in our lovely aircon) for the past few days. Elder Smith and the rest of the Elders participated in a Family Week rally yesterday. The members from all the branches caravanned around the Zone and then met at the Naic Chapel. The service projects for the afternoon were rained out but everyone seemed to have a good time

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Merrivonne said...

It's great to hear that you are okay. We are so far away and things sound so devastated. You say you like rain, but this is a little much! It's good you are able to go to the temple. What a blessing. I'm sure you are touching the hearts of each and every person with whom you come in contact. I've always loved you and I'm sure they do too. Way to go with your impromptu songs. I'm sure you had no problem there. Love ya bunches. Keep up the GOOD work!