Monday, September 21, 2009

We Have Aircon!!

Yes, there are miracles in the Philippines! We got air conditioning in our apartment on Friday. They installed two units with one upstairs and one downstairs. The one upstairs lasted about 12 hours. It was a heavenly 12 hours! The downstairs one is still working so at least the kitchen, living room area and CR are cool. Hopefully, someone will be here tomorrow to work on whatever the problem is upstairs. The units are old ones from the Buendia Chapel in Manila. They were refurbished and then installed. They are nice big hummers so once they’re operating correctly they should be a big help. I did the “aircon” dance around the apartment while MoTab was singing the Halleluiah Chorus and the Boston Pops were playing the 1812 Overture. It was a momentous occasion!

We had a slow week with contacts in our Branch visits. Everyone was at work or moving or simply not home. I did get several mosquito bites so it wasn’t a total waste. Hopefully this next week will be more productive. There were a bunch of baptisms this weekend in the Zone. We were able to attend a couple of them.

Naic Baptisms

Maragondon BaptismsThere were 12 total baptisms for Saturday and Sunday.

This is the Baptismal Font at the Ternate Chapel This is transfer week for us. Three of our Elders will be leaving tomorrow morning to go home. They have been exemplary missionaries and will be missed very much. Since our Zone Leaders are two of the exiting Elders we will be getting new ZL’s which is going to be exciting. We’ll have all the new changes made and settled by Wednesday.

Last Monday was a Zone Activity. What a great time we all had. We went to the beach near a local Marine Base. The Elders played Frisbees, various other ball games and generally enjoyed their time together before transfers. We got new Zone t-shirts that are totally cool. We saw a whole herd(?) of monkeys on the drive to the beach. Sometimes we forget that we are living in a jungle area. Each apartment brought rice and ulam and shared for the meal. We brought punch and paper goods. It was a super nice p-day. Well, actually p-morning. The Elders were back to work in the afternoon.

The rains have slowed down again so not many frog sightings this week. Much quieter at night also which is nice. After enjoying a busy Sunday at meetings (2 branches), a baptism and getting things organized, we had the Zone here for a farewell evening. Our Elders love ice cream so had a variety of flavors and a bunch of cookies. Some recent converts came also which was a special treat. We’re so thankful that we are able to have the spirits of these amazing missionaries in our home. It is truly a privilege to serve with them.


Ginger said...

I love the T-shirts. You need to send a close-up photo so everyone can see details. Looks like you're still the Hostess with the Mostest!

Natalie said...

When isn't mom the Hostess with the Mostest??? Glad you had a good week, and the aircon will be such a blessing for you. Praying you get the upstairs one fixed. Love ya, and miss you!

Naomi said...

I have such a clear mental picture of you doing the aircon dance. It is absolutely vivid.

You guys fit right into that pack of missionaries! Love the t-shirts. Will post zucchini recipes when we get back to Vegas.