Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Yes, we do celebrate Mother’s Day in the Philippines! Sister Smith was wished a happy one at least 50 times at church. There were lots of smiles and good wishes. The Primary children sang some songs and the YM/YW did a number and furnished a speaker. Sort of felt like home!

It’s too dang hot to do very much so we had a fairly low key week. The temperatures are in or pushing 100 degrees every day so the only relief we really get is when we are in the kotse (car). It is still in the high 80’s or low 90’s even during the middle of the night. Phooey!

We did have a super fun FHE Monday with our Zone. We had Filipino food this time and since the majority of our Elders are natives, they were pleased. We had secured a bunch of trumpo’s (wooden tops) and had a spinning contest. Elder Smith is determined to develop the skill before we head home. The tops have a nail at the base and string to wind ‘em up. The trick is in the release. When it is done correctly the things will spin like crazy and you can even do lots of tricks with them. The kids here are playing with them all the time.

Zone Conference was on Thursday so we went to Makati the night before and went to dinner (AT CHILI’S) with the new office couple, the Swensens. It was a lovely visit and good to get acquainted. At the Zone Conf. our choir sang to Sister Howard as a Mother’s Day tribute. She seemed really pleased.

e had several baptisms this weekend. There were more than we could attend which is wonderful. We did make it to two of them and have included pictures.
Trece Martires BaptismTanza Baptism It is amazing how hard the Elders keep working even in the heat. Another month or two and they’ll be doing their work in the mud and heat and they just keep on going, and going, and going…
It's Elections in the Philippines. There were at least 500 million posters up on every available surface! The elections are May 10th. Will be glad when it's over and things get cleaned up a bit.


Natalie said...

Yeah, primary elections are coming up around here so you can imagine the ad's we're being bombarded with.

Love you and glad you had an enjoyable Mother's Day mom.

Merrivonne said...

Now, you really get into the warm time of the year. It will be so nice when you get back to the "cool" of Nevada! It looks like you are still making the missionaries happy with the tops and by keeping them singing. You are making such lasting, wonderful impressions on these young minds. :) Love ya!

crooksville said...

Can you put "blades" on the tops so they can help cool you while they spin?

We're still in the 60s-70s. Supposed to hit 80 by Monday. We're thinking of and praying for you and the whole Mission!