Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pizza Again!

We are so proud of the Naic Zone.  We had the highest baptism rate for the mission again last month so Pres. Howard treated the Zone to pizza after district meeting on Thursday.  The nearest Pizza Hut is nearly an hour away but the AP’s delivered it on time and it was delicious. Yes, just in case you noticed we are so excited about our Zone and the amazing Elders.  However, things are going to get even better!  President told us on Thursday that we are getting Sister missionaries beginning next transfer!  They will be moving into the vacant apartment next door to us.  The Mission Office is already working with the landlady on the lease and hopefully everything will be ready to go for the first of June.  Somehow the Zone just keeps getting better!               

Much of our week was spent getting ready for District Missionary training on Friday evening.  We held it at the Naic Chapel and each branch mission leader and missionaries were invited.  The Elders did the training focusing on reactivation, correlation meetings, referrals and helping the full time missionaries.  We had a good attendance and very informative meeting.

One of the best parts was that the District Presidency called an emergency meeting with the Branch Presidents at the same time.  So, when their meeting was finished many of the presidents and the District Presidency came in for dinner and visiting with everyone attending.  We had hot dogs, chips, pakwan (watermelon) and juice packs. We had ordered little ice cream sundae cups from our neighborhood bakery and odds and ends store for dessert.  We will probably be doing another one in a couple of months.  We’re concentrating on getting the members more excited and involved with the work. 

Maragondon Baptism

Naic Baptism

                Our buddy, Elder Tadeo, came to the meeting and to spend his 26th birthday with us.  He enjoys visiting with the converts from his days here in Naic.  He even got to “finally” see our tuko.  It was living here when he and Elder Bowman were ZL’s when we got here last year but it was his first sighting.  On closer observation Friday night, we’re guessing he (our Tuko) is about 14-15” long now.  He’s pretty impressive.

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Natalie said...

Way to go all of you! How exciting to see the gospel being preached and received so well. Love you both.