Sunday, May 23, 2010

There's a Cold Spell.....NOT

Can’t believe it but it is down into the mid to low 90’s this week! It is still frigging miserable but a bit cooler and there is rain in the forecast for the week also. It’s so dry here that the rain would certainly be a blessing. We had a busy “traveling” week. Went to several Zones to do area book checks so we were in Manila traffic way too much! Fortunately most of the books were in pretty good shape so it didn’t take long at each place. We love going to the other Zones and seeing our Naic Alumni. It is amazing how attached we get to each one who serves here.

Pasig Zone

We’re excitedly getting ready for Sisters to move in next door. We will be cleaning (the Elders doing a service project) and the Hussey’s will be getting the furniture and fixtures this week. Transfers are on June 3rd so not much time to get things ready. Elder Mahe will be leaving then to go home and we’ll really miss him. Not sure yet how many or which of our other Elders will be transferring. We have a couple who have been here for several transfers so imagine they’ll go this time.

We had several baptisms again this weekend. Attending ones in Tanza, Naic and Ternate kept us traveling even more.
Tanza Baptism
Naic BaptismTernate Baptism Tuesday May 25th will be our one year mark in the mission field. Several of our Elders have asked us to extend so we don’t go home before they do. We’ve explained that they will surely be transferred by then but they said they like the idea of us still being here for them. Ahhh..
One of our new "favorites". Crab, white fish, broccoli and shrimp. Steamed and seasoned! Awesome.
Rocking the Saints at the Fiesta Parade
Parade in front of the apt.
More parade
Heading back from the end of our road. Notice the Jetti Oil storage tanks. They are right on the beach.Neighbors dropping by. The goat herd had just left minutes before.


Ginger said...

So, I'm not a fan of crab, but these look yummy. So glad your zone is getting back in their groove with baptisms...I was getting worried :) Love Ya!

ice_hot said...
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ice_hot said...

hi there elder and sister smith!
it's great to hear you both are doing well especially in the super hot weather of manila.

btw, i am brother suico and i believe sister de sosa told you about me following your blog :)

anyways, thank you so much for your service here in the philippines and i do look forward to reading more updates from your blog!

God bless you two!