Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Change of plans..

Last week we announced our 2 months to go mark.  Then, Thursday that all changed.  We will be extending until December 9th.  There will be a new Senior Couple coming into the Mission from AZ, on December 6th so we will be here to welcome them and show them our wonderful Naic Zone.  We’re looking forward to meeting the Petersons.  We received our itinerary from the Church Travel Office via email on Friday.  We would have left Manila at 12:45 p.m. on November 12th and then landed in Las Vegas on November 12th at 7:09 p.m.  Hopefully the next itinerary will be as favorable.  We’re looking forward to getting the day we lost coming over back again.  So until then here's Home Sweet Home:Yes, the Zone got pizza again this month!  We’re so proud of our missionaries.  They work hard and deserve the recognition. There are so many variables in missionary work and stats go up and down but the hard work never stops.  We are fighting with numerous allergies, staff infections, LBM’s, boils, rashes and general crud right now but everyone keeps working.  We try telling everyone to keep their “bugs” to themselves.  Charity and sharing are great but sometimes it’s alright to be selfish.


Thursday evening we were blessed to be at the “setting apart” of Elder Pipit from the Naic Branch. 

We’ve been to several others and it is always so special to see the missionaries preparing to serve the Lord.  We thought about our nephew Ethan, and his journey to the MTC this next Wednesday.  We are so inspired by the faith, diligence and determination of the missionaries. 

Friday evening we hosted a Naic Branch missionary training FHE.  There were 22 here for dinner (prepared by Sister Jeane) and training and games and visiting. 

We are busy preparing for a huge FHE on September 27th.  There will be 70 or more here including 3 Zones and the office Elders, Senior Couples, Pres. and Sis. Howard and the guest of honor..Ta da! A 35+ kilo lechon baboy!  Yep, we will be roasting a whole pig in the front yard.  We will get lots of pictures for the next blog entry.

While driving around the city we find sighting of things that remind us of home.  Here's what was on the bus we were following one day:

Just around the corner, we were greeted by more basketball on a tryke.  Basketball is huge over here!


crooksville said...

Life is indeed what happens when we're busy making other plans. We know the extra days spent on your wonderful Mission will not only be well spent, but be a blessing to you two and the whole Mission.

So, we'll make it a Christmas get together instead. Also, Susie and I can come greet you as an early B-day present to me! Don't you just love it when a plan comes together. His plan, of course.

Love you, miss you, and keep you in our prayers. Hope to video Skype see you soon!

crooksville said...

Oh, yeah. Ginger, don't forget to reset the clock!