Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary to US!

Terrific, busy, fun-filled week here in the Philippines!
Wednesday, September 22nd was our 43rd anniversary

and we decided to treat ourselves to a p-day at Sonya’s Garden in Alfonso. We took a back route and it was absolutely gorgeous! We passed multiple pineapple fields, sugar cane fields and lush tropical scenery that was amazing. We treated some of our favorites to dinner and the trip to help us celebrate. Sister Schardt, Jeane Arandia, Sister Frost and us. The pitcher on the table is dalandan juice.Sister Frost, Sister Schardt and Jeane Arandia (from Naic) came with us.

The table cloths are a variety of hand embroidered linens. The dish in the background is salmon belly. Not one of our favorites! The meal was delicious and the surroundings are stunning. It was a wonderful day. Our Sister missionaries actually found someone to sell them a “slug-brella” so we have one to take home! They literally stopped a lady on the street and talked her into selling it. We were thrilled!

Saturday found us in Binan for the San Gabriel District Conference. We participated in the afternoon training sessions and in the adult session that evening. Elder Sinamban of the Seventy was presiding and it was good to listen to him again. He was in Naic District earlier this year and had lunch with us. The Senior Couples and Pres. and Sister Howard went to dinner afterward and enjoyed visiting.

Sunday was a special Missionary Musical Fireside at the Buendia Chapel in Makati. Part of our missionaries are on the island of Palawan but the rest who are here on Luzon (160 plus) entertained over 600 members, investigators and recent converts. What an extraordinary experience for them and the congregation. There were soloists, groups, piano soloists, guitar soloist and the choir (all the missionaries) sang 4 numbers. Elder Swenson directed and also played an oboe solo. We loved just being in the congregation and feeling the spirit.
Keeping things short this week as our next entry is going to involve lots of pictures and explanations. Just remember to watch for “Fred”.

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