Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whoa! 2 months to go..

We just realized that our possible going-home date is two months from today. We still have lots to do so have to get busy. Even if the date changes a bit it is still rapidly approaching.

Family Home Evening last week was terrific as always.We had 32 here this week. It was crowded and hot but everyone was still smiling and happy. We had sopas for dinner with fresh rolls from Sister Cristy’s bakery down the street.It was really yummy. The AP’s, TA’s and the Morgan’s came which added even more fun to our little group.

We went to Makati for Zone Conference during the week. We stayed at the Mission Home on Wednesday evening and had conference on Thursday. Wednesday evening we went to Chili’s (Elder Smith’s favorite) for dinner with the Morgan’s, Howard’s and Swenson’s. It was a great evening. Zone

Conference was very informative with training in the new 8 lesson plans of Preach My Gospel.

 Trece had a baptism on Saturday and there are several scheduled for the next two Saturday’s throughout the Zone. Next month is looking good for baptisms also.

Yes, we do think about our kids once in awhile!  This delivery cycle passed us in Makati and we discussed Amber's cooking skills at the Palo Verde Ward Cook Off.

here are ice cream vendors all over the place.  This is a fairly fancy one.  They don't play obnoxious music like at home but the bell on the handlebar dings constantly.  Selecta is our favorite brand of "made in the Philippines" ice cream.  The Zone is hooked on the Double Dutch flavor.

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Ginger said...

Ummmm... I hope you think of Me once in a while too :) I'm excited for your homecoming, but know that you have done a lot of good the time you have spent in the Philippines!