Monday, August 9, 2010

Exploding Watermelon

We realize that there are lots of watermelons in the U.S. but none quite like the one we bought the other day. Thursday afternoon we were picking up groceries and decided a watermelon would be good sliced up for brunch on Friday. The 6th was Sister Frost’s birthday and her companions wanted to have a surprise brunch (French toast) for her. So, we took a lovely seedless melon home and set it on the counter that evening. During the night Sister Smith heard some noise downstairs but decided it wasn’t worth investigating since it probably involved something with more than two legs. At about 3:30 a.m. the need for a trip to the CR prevailed. What a sight to behold!
The watermelon had exploded! There was foam oozing out and the innards had sprayed across the counter top, across the floor and reached our little center island.  
This was a true “wake up Elder Smith moment”. He was a good sport and helped with the cleanup and carcass disposal. The insides were like mush and the rind was corroded and nearly gone. When we moved the melon to clean, it collapsed.  
We rinse all of our food and canned goods in a bleach/water solution. We’re not sure but suppose somehow there was a small hole and a chemical reaction? So, watermelon gets to be the featured fruit this month. Actually we do have some others that are more exotic and will post them later in the month.

Yes, Naic Zone did get pizza again this month. We really do have the best group of missionaries in the whole world.
Monday was FHE and great fun as always.  
Sister Smith had a cold/flu so hid out upstairs while the party raged. The yucky stuff lasted through Wednesday so we really didn’t get out or do much. Our refrigerator decided to go nuts and started freezing everything inside. We finally gave up and went into town on Thursday to purchase a new one. It was delivered on Saturday and the old one has gone to a repair shop in GMA. It will be recycled to another apartment.  

Friday evening we went to King Bee in General Trias for dinner. The Thomas’s where here from Palawan and the remaining Senior Couples where there to say goodbye to the Hussey’s. We are certainly going to miss them.
They fly back to Great Britain on Friday, the 13th. Elder Smith decided to follow in Sister’s footsteps and started in with the cold/flu crud on Saturday. So, there will be another few days of R&R then back to the business of being busy.

Birthday Brunch for Sister Frost (Sister Martinez, new in Zone)

Where to go in Carissa to get a dog bite (and whatever)

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Natalie said...

I sure have been enjoying the watermelon I cut up today. Yummy!! Glad I didn't have to clean it up and not be able to enjoy it. Too fun for your Zone! Keep up the great work!