Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Week

Busy week!  We had three weddings to attend and help with.  Monday we were in Trece for  a big event.  

The wedding cake was from Goldilocks (big bakery chain here).  It was about $14 US and was quite tasty.

The groom is a member and the bride has been taking the lessons.  She was baptized on Saturday (yesterday) so the wedding needed to take place before that. 

We were able to get the cake and made spaghetti (bride’s choice) for 50.  Fortunately there was plenty as the guests ended up numbering closer to 70. 

Friday was another two weddings here in Naic.  Both couples were planning to be baptized on Saturday also and the weddings took place the day before.  There is no divorce in the Philippines so many (most) couples live together.  The commitment for baptism marks a big change in their lives.  We were able to help with the flowers and luncheon for these weddings. 

Wedding luncheon at People's Restaurant

One of Friday's wedding bouquets.  They were about $5 each US!  Amazing as they had roses and everything in them.

They were married in the town municipal hall by one of the mayor’s staff.  It was a double wedding and was actually very nice.  Both couples are young and so excited about the gospel.


Tuesday was Temple Day and going home activities for the missionaries.  It is always a treat to attend the Temple and this was no exception.  We said goodbye to 4 of our Naic Alumni. 

Two of them were former ZL’s here.   Wednesday was transfer day.  We had quite a few changes in the Zone.  We have a new ZL and Sister in the compound.  Elder Dymock and Sister Betts were transferred and are now TA’s.  We also are thrilled to have the Province TA’s living in the ZL’s apartment next door.  That makes 8 of us in our little apartment complex!  How things have changed and grown is amazing.  The Naic District Primary had roadshows yesterday afternoon.  They were very entertaining and enjoyable.  Each Branch was assigned a topic and then created a performance.


Naic Zone had 9 baptisms yesterday.  It will be fun to see if we get pizza again at the next District Meeting with Pres. Howard. 
There are already quite a few baptismal dates for September.  Sister Swenson called from the office yesterday to make sure we were heading to Las Vegas when we leave here.  So, it looks like our travel plans are underway. 

*Girl's Night!  The Sisters baked cookies and then decorated them with ants (thanks Ginger for the idea).  So much fun!

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