Sunday, August 1, 2010

Out of Sync

We’ve really had a nice “couple” of weeks but Sister Smith has been lazy so the letters home have suffered a bit. We have been having lots of rain all month. We both really enjoy it but the poor missionaries certainly have a ton of shoe cleaning to do. The rainy season is typically in June, July and August. The Natives tell us that this has been an extra wet one so far.

We had a great FHE on the 19th of July. We used the same menu from the day before when the Howards were here. It was fun to have no big preparations of food to do. We had already done most of it on the Saturday previously.This past week we were in Makati at the Mission Home. It was Zone Conference week and we were able to review and check about 60 Area Books. They are really looking good and the missionaries are getting things in proper order. It was a fun week as we were in excellent air conditioning and went to all sorts of fun places with great people to eat.
At Chili's with the Swensens, Howards, TA's, AP's and office EldersIt doesn’t get much better than that.

On August 5th we will be having a mini-transfer in the Mission. The Manila MTC has 7 new missionaries who need homes and we are lucky enough to get them. Two of them will be coming to Naic Zone so we will be doubly blessed. Regular transfer isn’t until the 25th of August so this will be an in-between transfer. It looks like it might be another pizza month and the projections for August baptisms are great so will wait and see. One of our companionships is working hard to set a Mission record for the most OYM’s in a week. We’ll let you know how they do.

The TA's were visiting and had breakfast with us before heading on to other ZonesBuilding a bahay kubo in Maragondon Branch. Elder Smith and Elder Hussey were there helpingThis will be the new home of a husband, wife and baby in the branch


Ginger said...

What an incredible week! I can't wait to see the bahay kubo Elder Smith builds in the back yard!!

Natalie said...

That would be totally awesome in the backyard!! Love you tons.