Sunday, August 15, 2010

Still Raining

Gotta love the Philippines during the rainy season. For one thing, it’s cooler! It is still in the high 80’s to low 90’s everyday but somehow the rain makes it feel less intense. It is always humid anyway so that never changes. It actually cools down into the mid 70’s at night sometimes which is a true blessing.

We enjoyed having the DasMarinias Zone over for FHE on Monday. There were 20 of them including 5 Naic Alumni! They have asked to come for FHE at least once each transfer. They have to rent a Jeepney and it is an hour ride to get here. They also have to have permission to travel outside of their Zone boundary. Since the AP’s love to come to FHE out here and one is formerly from Naic it wasn’t hard to get the permission granted.

Elder Smith had a nice birthday this year. The Zone Leaders and Sister Missionaries had a beautiful blue barong (native shirt) made for him. We had cake and ice cream and then had his favorite spaghetti dinner for Sunday. Sister Jeane fixed ChiliConCarne Filipino syle for Elder Smith's birthday. Yummy
Thanks for the wishes from all of you at home!

Saturday was a full and busy day with a Mini MTC for the youth in our District. There was training in the morning and then lunch. The early afternoon was spent tracting with the fulltime Missionaries. At 5:00 we met back at the Naic Chapel for a closing program. Our Zone sang hymn #335 and then Sister Smith taught the Mission song to everyone.

Here’s an additional fruit of the month. This is a guyabano. It is sort of an ugly critter and the pokey outy parts are pretty sharp. Inside it is white with lots of large black seeds. The fleshy part around the seeds is the sweetest. One that we cut was a bit over ripe and had a bit of a fermented flavor to it. Hmmm…

Beans and Egg Plant at the Palanke Bundles of green beans. they are 18" to 36" long

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