Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Day..Another Heatwave

Haven't had much rain this week. We are in Naic (gnaw-eek). It is a small town in one of the provinences south of Manila. Still no internet, maybe next week. No aircon either which is my biggest gripe. Ah well.

Went to a District dance festival last night at the Naic chapel. All 7 branches had youth there performing for it. Was really lovely and so nice to see so many YM and YW participating. What friendly, sweet people.

We went with the Elders to teach a discussion the night before. There were 12 of us plus 2 babies in an 8X8 room with a fan. We just sort of slid together. Great spirit at the meeting. The Tagalog that we've learned is not enough to scratch the surface and so we simply nod lots and smile.

We are supposed to be getting a car on Monday so we can get lost. You really can't get there from here, no matter where you are going. The Fresthuts from Layton are our neighbors. They leave in 5 weeks to go home. They are letting us use their computer. So far, four geckos in one room is the max but we're looking for a record. Attending a baptismal later today and planning to walk to the beach later also. Love you all.

Love, Elder and Sister Smith

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