Wednesday, June 3, 2009 about rain!

We're still at the Mission home. Think we'll get an apartment tomorrow but not sure. It is mission conference week and Pres. Ko of the Seventy is here and Pres. Howard is on a dead run from early morning until late in the day. We still have no idea what our assignment will be until August when we move to the MRC. We were interviewed by Elder Ko today and spent the day in meetings with the Manila area missionaries. There were 80 or so there. The rest of the mission is further out and so tomorrow there will be more meetings away from the city.

It has rained all day. Very heavy at times and the electricity keeps going out. For lunch today we had KFC (at the conference). I opened my little box, just like at home, and there were two pieces of original recipe. There was a small container of gravy and two wrapped balls. I hefted one of them and it weighed a ton. Mighty heavy roll! When I opened it, low and behold it contained a scoop of sticky rice. So did the other ball. We just dipped it into the gravy and chowed down. No coleslaw for us! Strange, but tasted fine. The chicken was scrawny and tasted like home.

It's really dumping outside right now so no telling how long the power will stay on. Hopefully, we'll be getting settled into a place of our own soon and can get Dad's computer set up so we can post some pictures. Has been too overcast and wet to take very many.
Still concerned about Garrett. Hope he is doing well. We love you all and miss you.
Love, Mom and Dad

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Natalie said...

Well, I hope things settle for you soon. Love ya, and we all miss ya.