Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Safely in Manila

We made it! Not a bad trip. EVA was nice and with drugs all went well. They did lose my suitcase with all my clothing but I wanted more new stuff anyway. Actually, they called a bit ago and said it has been found and will be delivered tonight or tomorrow. At least my nifty sandals were in my other bag.

So far, not much going on. We're at the mission pres. home for the night and then will find out what we're going to be doing tomorrow. Pres. Howard was at a conference today and we haven't met him yet. Sister Howard just got here and we're using her computer.

Anxious to hear how Garrett is doing now. Hope the yellow is gone. We'll be in touch soon with news, pictures and updates. Love you all and miss you already. We're doing great (and sweating). Yes, it has rained and is humid as the dickens. We are excited to be here and just hope we'll survive. What a drive home from the airport! Yikes! Love you all bunches.

From your favorite Manila Missionary's


Xackery said...

Awesome! You need to take pictures of the area, scope out the sites for us!

Hope you're having fun.

Ginger said...

So glad you survived the flight. Can't wait to see some photo's of the area!