Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting Settled in

Yes, we've moved out of the Mission Home and into our new apartment. No hot water, no aircon, no stove, a leaky fridge, enough mold and dirt to start a new country.

The mosquitos are so happy here. I'm covered with bites and Dad has yet to get one! It's not fair. We have a tuko (lizard) living in our laundry room (that doesn't have a washer/dryer). From the sounds he makes we're pretty sure he is the size of a Volkswagan. Will try to get a picture soon. Lots of frogs singing us to sleep (not).

We are in one of the Provinces south of Manila, Gulod. We are in the Naic community. I guess we are just a few km from the ocean but haven't seen it yet. There are numerous branches here that they're hoping to get big enough to make a stake. We'll be working to help make that happen.

The geckos are entertaining. They sneak up on a bug and poof! the bug is gone. The gecko grins and heads to another. That's our television. Lots like CSI.
Lots of love,
Mom and Dad
(That's Elder and Sister Sweat)


Xackery said...

Hahaha, nice. No electricity in your place?

Lori and Tracy said...

Oh my friend, I am glad I know that you are one of the strongest women I've ever met, and the entertaining parts of your living conditions will only give you things to laugh about.
Love ya

Merrivonne said...

lol! It's a great thing that you both have the "pioneering" spirit. What a wonderful experience! I'm sure it's going to be unforgettable. You will always be able to find the funny things to laugh about. Enjoy the ride. Love you so much.

Ginger said...

The geckos are probably more entertaining than the summer TV line up we have going on here. Can't wait to see photo's

dmmuaina said...

I can't believe how brave and wonderful you both are. I don't know if I could live there or not. I love reading about your experiences. It makes me anxious to go some year. Maureen