Sunday, June 14, 2009

Explosive Experiences

Another day, another borrowed computer... Not sure if we'll get internet as we are only here temporarily until we leave for the MRC assignment in Manila. Will try to find out this week. We are supposed to be getting a car later today so we'll have a bit more mobility.

Went to a baptism on Saturday evening. Was very nice. It was supposed to begin at 5:00 and finally started at 6:00. We are learning that time is just a suggestion and things will start when they will.

Sunday was busy. We went to the Punta Branch. Started at 8:30 a.m. (pretty much on time!) We spoke in Sacrament meeting. Had a good 5 minutes notice. Afterward we went with the Fershtuts to two discussions. One was in a park with a man who they contacted recently. He has been through every religion in the book and had tons of questions.

The second visit was with a family who have been investigating for quite a while. They have 6 daughters ages three to eighteen. Very pretty and sweet girls. The mom is pregnant again. Their apartment was so small and humble. Next Sunday we are picking them up for church. The girls were especially excited about that. What sweet, friendly people.

The Elders here are amazing. We're really enjoying them.

The faucet in our kitchen sink exploded last night. Was crazy! Dad and Elder Fershtut did a quick repair job and we had to wait for the cement glue to set before we could turn the water back on. Our purifier filters are hooked to that faucet so had to have it working. I'm actually adjusting to cold water showers. Actually, the water is never really cold, just luke warm. It takes your breath away like jumping into a swimming pool but then after a bit you get used to it.

Well, need to go. Dad is switching laundry batches (the Fershtut's have a washer and dryer) and I need to fold things. They have been awesome about letting us use their computer so that's why there have been more frequent notes.

Hopefully we'll have our own car later today. Need to go to the Palanke (market) and hate asking for a ride all the time. The pineapples here are amazingly good. Haven't had mango yet but hear lots of praises. There are rice paddies all over this area. Fascinating.
Love you all and miss you.
Elder and Sister Smith
(yep, it's still Mom and Dad)


Natalie said...

Hopefully some more independance will come your way. So nice to hear to frequently from you...even if for only a moment. Love ya!

Naomi said...

Wow, that all sounds so exciting! Hooray for Darryl's home improvement skills. I wonder if that sister is hoping for a boy for number 7?