Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a good week!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We had rain a couple of days and it actually cooled off for a few hours so I was thrilled. It was cool enough to walk to the beach one evening. Our apartment is situated about a mile (or less) from the nearest beach. Part of the path is through grass, weeds and who knows what else but it was fun to walk in the sand. Will get some pictures the next time we go. On Tuesday we met with the Elders in our zone and started an Elders choir. They love singing but everyone wants to sing the melody. We’re working on that. Friday (Thursday to you) we met with them again for another rehearsal. They had a zone planning meeting beforehand. After the meeting we took all 12 Elders plus Elder Smith and I to lunch. That’s 14 meals at Lolo Claros restaurant and the tab came to p1,700. About $35.00! Unbelievable! We spent the rest of the day with the Elders from Ternate branch. Did some tracting and got better acquainted with their area. We attended their branch this morning for church. Was nice but not terrific attendance. While visiting with the branch pres. we found that 2/3 or more of the branch is inactive. We will be working there on activation for the next couple of weeks (or more). Elder Beckstead and Graham are the Elders there. Elder Beckstead is from Puyallup, WA. As we were visiting I asked him if President Wheeler had given him his patriarchal blessing. He couldn’t believe that I knew that. I explained the cousin connection and he was quite impressed.

Next week will be busy. Going to Manila on Tuesday to the temple and Mission Home, Wednesday is transfer day (golly, we might get new companions), Thursday and Friday we’ll be working in Ternate, then Saturday and Sunday is District conference. Can’t believe there are no fireworks scheduled for the 4th!

Elder Graham was telling us about the spiders here in the Philippines. Just the other night he was in the shower and turned around. There was a banana spider hanging there. It was about 6” diameter. His description of the event is, “I screamed like a girl!”. Now I’m totally paranoid in the shower. I really get in and out pretty fast with the cold water but who knows what might happen? Last week I went into our CR (bathroom) and there was a slug on the floor in front of the toilet. I yelled for Darrel (something I do quite often) to remove the critter. He claims it was only 4 inches long but I’m pretty sure it was the size of a football.

Have loved visiting with the family this week on Skype! Technology is absolutely amazing. It was so fun to “see” and “talk” to everyone. Looking forward to more opportunities in the future. Hope everyone is well and continues to prosper. We love you all

1. Home sweet home. Yes it is pink, white and orange. Living-kitchen-bath-laundry downstairs and two bedrooms – common area and balcony upstairs.

2. Gecko- on the walls cleaning up bugs. Can count on them on duty any time day or night. Four in one room is record so far. (messy little debuggers)

3. Caribou These used to be the main power source for rice production. Not used so much any more. The missionary standard is a belt made from the horns of this animal.

4. Rice patties are everywhere here in the provinces (country farming areas)

5. Baptism of three children on the 13 of June 2009 in Carissa Branch


Natalie said...

Wow, I don't know if I could live with so many critters. Especially the spiders. EEEK. Love you lots, love seeing the pictures of the area.

Dana said...

Hi Elder and Sister Smith! Ginger gave me a link to your blog- hope you don't mind. I served my mission there in 1992 so I've loved reading about your adventures there! It is such an amazing place. I couldn't pass up the "opportunity" to comment about the spiders and milk. If it gives you any hope, I never did see a big spider (there were other bugs unfortunately that scared me to death...) and my solution to the milk delimma was canned evaporated milk. A little more fattening than the 1% I'm used to, but at least I could have cereal for breakfast! Does the entire chicken population of the Philippines still cock-a-doodle at 5 am every morning? Good luck- I hope you have a good experience with the humble people there! Such a primitive experience for nice retired people to have- I know you'll be greatly blessed for the sacrifices and service!
Dana Meter Willis

Naomi said...

I am just loving reading about all your adventures! I think I would have choked if I saw a four-inch slug on the bathroom floor, though. Yikes. The geckos seem to be on their best behavior. How in the world do you make a belt out of horns??